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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • It is no Bluetooth connection  with my Blackberry possible.
    First, make sure that the phone is paired with the Bluetooth MyNote. Verify that "mobile Pen" appears as a device with Bluetooth profile of your mobile phone. If this is not the case, please follow the steps in the instructions to pair. Now open the iNote software. Press the Bluetooth button on MyNote. After about 20-30 seconds, the blue Bluetooth logo appears in the upper right iNote software. Now the device is successfully connected.

  • I can´t record any notes anymore.
    Verify that the white power LED flashes every 3 seconds. If not, please download the receiver by USB cable ("charge battery" See manual).
    Verify that the green power LED flickers while writing. If this is not the case, change the battery in the pen (see the "maintenance of the pen")
    Maybe the internal memory is full. Download all Notice from the device (see the "Software" and delete it to device memory.

  • What is the Bluetooth (BT)  password and can this be changed?
    The password is 0000 and can not be changed

  • Which Bluetooth protocol (Bluetooth service) is supported?
    The data are transmitted via serial communication (SPP DEV). This protocol (Bluetooth service) must be enabled for transfer on the Windows settings.

  • Which batteries can I use and how to insert the batteries in the pen?
    The pen requires two batteries of type SR41. Replace it always in pairs. The positive (low page) must be shown by inserting two batteries up.

  • In Android, I have problems with the representation of the APP.
    Please note, that your equipment needs  a minimum resolution of 800 x 480 pixels

  • Battery empty before first time using, or battery cannot be charged.
    To protect the battery from power consumption during transportation, we have locked the receiver before shipment, and it requires connecting the USB cable to PC to activate the battery.

    Before using MyNote Bluetooth the first time, the battery needs to be charged. Connect the device with the supplied USB cable trough the USB connector and the other side to a powered PC, Mac or notebook. After 3 hours the unit is fully charged and ready to use. Alternative you can use an optional USB charger which can be purchased in Aiptek webshop. (www.aiptekshop.de)

  • Pages are mirrored after transfer to the PC (The page change is not recognized)

    Please make sure that the receiver is in correct position before using. Adjust the receiver unit that only one line mark from metal holder is visible.

  • In Android App I got always “connection failed” message

    Please make sure your MyNote Bluetooth is paired with the mobile phone correctly and Bluetooth is powered on. If connection still failed open the Bluetooth device list and delete all paired devices including Mobile Pen. Now pair the mobile pen again follow the steps in the manual.


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