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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • What is the benefit of MyNote Pen compared to a stylus Pen?
    Stylus Pens have a much thicker pen tip (between 6 ~ 8 mm) while MyNote Pen is coming with a 1 mm pen tip only. The feeling is much more realstic and enables fine drawing and handwriting. Another advantages is that you can put your hand/fingers on the iPad screen without having any touch effect which made drawing more natural and easy

  • What is the App name and is the App free?
    The App is called Studio Basic Lite and available for free in the App Store.

  • Why do I need a receiver?
    If receiver is connted the display touch function is disabled. The receiver is capturing all pen movement and send in realtime into the iPad. The advantage is a much higher accury level and the fact, that you can put your hand/fingers on tablet during drwaing or writing

  • Can I share my drawings?
    Yes, with Studio Basic Lite App you can Share by Email, Twitter and Facebook. Furterhmore you can manage, print or delete your files, modify them or send as PDF. The App is simply clever and easy to use.

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